Pakistan: Where It All Went Wrong

Pakistan was built on the ideology that people may get the due justice and rights they deserve. But since the day the founder of Pakistan passed away, people have begun to take their independence for granted, they began to spread the roots of corruption and injustice throughout the society and government. Soon, politics became businesses and justice was bought not gained.

mashal murder

pakistan honour killing

In the midst of all this, we lost our humanity at some point. We see people talk about injustice, corruption but what do they do themselves? In fact, the society is so mixed up and confused that they can’t tell right from wrong. They are not aware of the fact that they need to change themselves if they want the society to become better. Everyone sees himself as an angel and everyone else as a demon. From the “leaders” of our nation to the children of today, no one possesses humanity or honor.

qandell murder

The leaders and politicians talk about rooting out corruption and injustice from the system and society whereas they themselves are buried from head to toe in such actions. When someone raises a finger at them, the usurpers of the nation, the destroyers of our ideology and future, the person is assassinated, gunned down in public or made to disappear in some other way. The capitalists think they are above us, that they can herd us like sheep and we let them. They do not see the consequences of their actions, they have no conscience, they have no guilt about their actions, they have no humanity. But they are not the only ones at fault. They are not the only ones to be blamed. They have also been raised in a society which prefers money over life, just like us.

pakistan government school

Where they kill and we talk, we are no better either. Though not all events are broadcasted by the media, killing for money and over petty issues is a common thing in Pakistan. Even the teenagers now possess guns. I myself have seen them carrying them around and showing them off in classrooms. Over the smallest of family matters, we murder. For the just part in inheritance of our sisters, brothers and uncles, we murder and divorce. For just 10 rupees, we get ready to break each other’s bones. For money we feed donkeys and dogs to people. Walking through the streets, we see people abusing each other and cat-calling women, staring at them with their lecherous stare one can imagine. What kind of humanity is this? People who get ready to kill for their “honor”, say what honor you are talking about? When you steal someone’s rights, when you stare at women, when show your auqaat on the smallest of issues, what kind of honor do you talk about? The imaginary honor that you think you possess? Or the true honor that was possessed by your ancestors when they were feared by the world, not for their cruelty, but for their being right? That is an honor you can only dream of right now. Unless we change ourselves, honor is just a dream out of reach.

zainab murder case

You visit a school, in 1st or 2nd grade and see children swearing like they are some gangsters. What are we teaching the children? Are we bringing up a new generation worse than us? What humanity is this? Domestic abuse, one of the biggest problems in Pakistan. You do it for honor? Pray, tell what is the honor in beating your wife and your children’s mother in front of them? What is the reason of oppressing the children and the women in the house? When the children see all of this, will they not be worse than you when they grow up?

salman taseer murder

What humanity do we talk about when have to think so long before punishing terrorists or rapists. Is this called humanity? Where we live in a society like animals molded into human form? Where the strong prey on the weak without regard for humanity? We talk about modernization, about development and justice without trying to change ourselves? Sir Syed Ahmad Khan once said;

It has been the law of the world that “like nation, like government” ….. and if we think that a good government can change the society while we just watch, this is not possible. Only then can the nation move forth when we change ourselves.

Today, Pakistan is in dire need of humanity. we do not need liberalism, feminism etc. we need humanism. We need to become one as humans, otherwise, the future of this nation will just get darker.


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