Pakistan Turns To Russia For Military Hardware

Pakistan and Russia have been Cold War foes once and were on opposite sides in the Afghan War. With the influence of Uncle Sam now fading in Pakistan, Pakistan has formed a better relationship with the Russians. Both have similar views regarding the future and stability of Afghanistan since it is the main sea access route for Russia and connects Pakistan and Russia by land.

Russia military training with pakistan

The once superpower is again gaining influence throughout Asia under the reign of Vladimir Putin. Despite their differences on the Syrian war, relationships between the two countries are developing. US lost its influence to a large extent in Pakistan due to anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan rhetoric by trump, calling it a terrorist-harboring nation. Russia and Pakistan became exceptionally close when Russia supported Pakistan in gaining membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. As India sees this new Pak-Russia relationship a threat to India.

Pakistan Russia military training

Just recently, Pakistan and Russia struck a deal where is to provide military hardware to Pakistan. This will not be a one-time supply. The military hardware will be provided in installments. Pakistan and Russia have agreed to have joint military exercises and training on both lands. Russia has agreed to provide 4 of its famed and top-notch helicopters to Pakistan. The super-heavy tanks, the T-90s, which can take upt o 7 RPGs and are famous for their endurance and mobility will also being supplied to Pakistan. The Su-35 fighter jets and Russian engines for the Pakistani JF-17s are also being provided to Pakistan. The defense minister of Pakistan also expressed interest in upgrading the air defense system of Pakistan which is a must have in the current age of air warfare. Moscow has shown an interest in providing huge amounts of armament to Pakistan, calling it a “strategic partner”, that already has raised a few questions from United Stated and India.

Pakistan and Russia joint Military

Russia has stepped in to fill the gap left by the US in Pakistan’s economy. Like other nations which have fallen out of close relations with Washington, Russia has also begun to support Pakistan in order to improve it’s economy and defense.


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