Pakistan Politics: Jumping From One Boat To Another

Politics is a hot mess in Pakistan. It has all the family sitcom drama essentials with our new channels dramatic sounds and repeating the same thing like Indian drama’s dhoom tana nana×6.

Other than entertainment we miss most of the news. As a voter and citizen how closely do we observe when politicians jump from one boat to another. Joining another party clearly states the inner politics or as many point out “money”. Politics, ladies and gentlemen, is not all money. The outer politics may be about which party steals the most money and push us towards debt but inner scenario is about power and stability as well. This country is the result of violent politics as its been only 70 years to independence, too soon for a decline..

Former leader and founding member of PTI Fauzia Kasuri after 23 years of serving, recently joined Pak Sar Zameen party of Mustafa Kamal claiming PTI is off track and it doesn’t serve purpose as it was created for. She had left PTI once before as well in 2013 over unjust distribution of assembly tickets.

PTI has been supporting and sending those leaders to assemblies who should be tried for corruption.
feeling since 2013 that the PTI was losing its track.I hold no personal grudge against PTI chief Imran Khan,

Politicians jump from one board to another, sometimes after a hole to sink the boat. It is as dirty as it sounds. We are breaking stereotypes all over except one: political subjectivity. A say for intellectuals and youth, we do not need to support political parties that we inherit and we do not need to be influence by charm. Be practical, smart and keep your eyes open.


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