Pakistan: Of Landscapes, Monuments, Plains and What Not!

As surprising as it might be to some, our homeland is loaded with places to see and things to experience. From landscapes and nature to buildings and ancient artifacts, Pakistan has a lot to offer to the curious tourist, and here’s a list of all those places that need to be seen:

  •  The Minar-e-Pakistan (Lahore)
  • The Badshahi Mosque (Lahore)
  • Wazir Khan Mosque (Lahore)
  • Masjid-e-Tooba (Karachi)
  • Moti Masjid (Lahore)
  •  Shalimar Garden (Lahore)
  • The Faisal Masjid (Islamabad) 
  • Rohtas Fort (Jhelum, Rohtas)
  • The Lahore Fort (Lahore)
  • Ranikot Fort (Jamshoro, Sindh)
  •  Derawar Fort (Bahawalpur)
  • The Katas Raj Temples (Chakwal)
  • The Sheesh Mahal (Lahore)
  • Mohatta Palace (Karachi)
  • Lok Virsa Museum (Islamabad)
  • Hiran Minar (Sheikhupura)
  • Noor Mahal (Bahawalpur)
  • Frere Hall (Karachi)
  • Lahore Museum (Lahore)
  • PAF Museum (Karachi)
  • National Museum of Pakistan (Karachi)
  • Khewra Salt Mine (Jhelum)
  • Data Darbar (Lahore)
  • Mazar-e-Quaid (Karachi)
  • Tomb of Jahangir (Lahore)
  • Pakistan Monument (Islamabad)
  • Mohenjo-Daro (Larkana, Sindh) 
  • Patriata (Northern Punjab)
  • Lahore Zoo (Lahore)
  • Ayubia National Park (Abbottabad District)
  • Lake View Park (Islamabad)
  • Karachi Safari Park (Karachi)
  • Lahore Zoo Safari (Lahore)
  • Iqbal Park (Lahore)
  • Malam Jabba (Swat Valley)
  • Naran & Kaghan Valley (Mansehra District, KPK)
  • Rawal Lake (Islamabad)
  • Daman-e-Koh (Islamabad)
  • Lake Saiful Muluk (Kaghan Valley) 
  • Clifton Beach (Karachi)
  • Lulusar (Kaghan Valley)
  • Shandur Top (Gilgit)
  • Dudipatsar (Kaghan Valley)
  • Hingol National Park (Gwadar)
  • Mukeshpuri (Peak in Nathia Gali Hills)
  • Mahodand Lake (Swat Valley)
  • Harappa village (Sahiwal)
  • Tirich Mir (Hindu Kush)
  • K2 (Himalayas)
  • Broad Peak (Himalayas)
  • Ghanta Ghar (Multan)
  • Naltar Valley (Gilgit) 
  • Neelum Valley (Azad Kashmir)
  • Shangrila Resort (Skardu)
  • Gojal Valley (Bordering China and Afghanistan)
  • Deosai Plains & Sheosar Lake (Western Himalayas)
  • Rama Meadow (Astore)
  • Siri Paye (Hindu Kush)
  • Ayun & Bamburet Valley (Chitral)
  • White Palace (Swat)
  • Kerthar Area (Range from Singh to Balochistan)
  • Ghanche District (Gilgit)
  • Gorak Hill (Sindh)
  • Ansoo Lake (Kaghan Valley)

All these landmarks and breathtaking landscapes are among the primary tourist destinations, that make you want to visit again and again. Each with it’s own immensely rich history and story to tell, constructed in the most stunning and priceless craftsmanship (either manual or Godly) these places are a must to see.


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