Pakistan Needs to Advance More in it Software Industries

Technology is advancing, even the common man now hears terms like artificial intelligence and interacts with it somehow for example through voice recognition when using digital assistants like Siri. Each day, us using social media, we are being a part of data analysis done for some bigger organization predicting something for some giant corporates.

Complicated software systems are used in most things we do today. We use machine learning in applications like health tracker. Google used advanced artificial intelligence to compile news for us on a daily basis, customized for each user according to their preferences.

The world is moving very fast, technologies are becoming obsolete in the matter of days but our nation still lacks one of the basic non-fancy needs of the time, i.e. “automation”.

Pakistan to this day lacks automation, even for the basic tasks. A few organizations have their websites made, but the data they gather through the sites always gets lost and there is always an ERROR 404 somewhere. The government sector offices have automated systems, but the official data gathering hub NADRA loses data right after filling the form. It lacks in efficiency highly.

National Institute of Health made their system but their data entry is always false, they don’t pay a heed if a patient named “Mudassar” is a male or a female, or where the patient actually came from, they just hear and write whatever comes to them.

Consequently, there is no public data sets available for the students and researchers of computer sciences, bioinformatics, software engineers etc., to experiment on or to implement what they actually study in the university.

A student, who wants to pursue a project, let’s say in the field of Data Sciences, or Machine learning is left deprived. Gathering data is really hard for people to do, and especially our government. So we lack the complicated software systems that the world is using on a daily basis.

The major issue behind this is corruption and camouflaging the frauds. We are really in need of some organizations that are solely dedicated to collect data, manage them into public data sets, so that they are readily available to the students for further implementation. Creation of such an office will also lead to a gateway of opportunities for the students of data sciences and will pave way for the IT department to grow.

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