Pakistan Is Subtly Warning Its Enemies

On 28th May, 1998, Pakistan became the world’s seventh and the Islamic world’s first nuclear power. Seeing Pakistan’s progress in the field of nuclear weapons, many major powers imposed sanctions on Pakistan. Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities have been a major factor in determining the balance of power in South-Asia. Currently, Pakistan possesses nearly 130 nuclear warheads. By the reports of Micallef, Pakistan currently has 3 plutonium reprocessing plants and 4 plutonium reactors and is currently producing Highly Enriched Uranium.

Pakistan Is Subtly Warning Its Enemies

Though US has helped Pakistan for quite a time, with the current affiliations of Pakistan with Russia and China, Washington has begun to raise fingers at Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal especially since Pakistan adopted a new strategy of building a larger number of smaller (5 to 10 kiloton) nuclear bombs that can increase the number of nuclear warheads by 250 to 350. In their effort to stop Pakistan, US has begun to spread the sentiment that with Pakistan’s affiliation with the jihadist militant groups might cause the nuclear weapons to end up in the wrong hands. The US claims that these weapons are a ‘threat to India in case of aggressive action’.

Pakistan's Subtle Warning It's Enemies

The US government maintains that the help of China in this regard and providing Pakistan with enhanced missile systems is ‘suspicious’ and such actions could deteriorate the Pak-America relations. Despite the opposition of many major powers, the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan is entirely responsible for it’s stability, security and military influence throughout the South Asia and giving up the arsenal would a huge mistake and may doom Pakistan’s future.


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