Pakistan is All Set For its First Transgender School!

Unlike other countries, the transgender community have no secure future or any kind of respect in the society in Pakistan. Rarely does anyone see a transgender who is respected by people around him or is successful in life. People of Pakistan are, no doubt quite extremist and they tend to tease and humiliate the transgender community. No office, company or factory in Pakistan employs transgenders, no school is willing to take them in and opportunities for them are close to nothing to get life-changing or working skills. So killing their self-respects, they danced or begged for money and lead a life of full of extreme humiliation.

Pakistan First Transgender School!

But not all people are hard-hearted. A well-wisher of Pakistan Asif Shahzad in collaboration with the NGO Exploring Future Foundation, founded a school for transgender people thus allowing them to work towards a prosperous and secure future. Schools like this will not only help the transgender community recover from its disregard in society but also help to strengthen Pakistan by producing more productive people.

Going by the name, “The Gender Guardian”, the school offers 12 years of education to students from primary to matriculation and intermediate or college level. It will also provide technical courses like Graphics Designing, Computer And Mobile Repairing, Beautician courses, Fashion Designing, Hair styling and many other courses.

Pakistan is All Set For its First Transgender School

The school is established in Lahore and has already about 40 students. Asif Shahzad will inaugurate the school on 15th April, 2018, this Sunday. Initially, 15 employees will manage the school out of which 3 are from the transgender community. The inauguration ceremony will take place at Alhamra Hall in Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Asif Shahzad says that two more branches will be opened in Islamabad and Karachi after this. Following this announcement, the Allama Iqbal Open University has also announced to give free education to transgender students.

This is a new step towards ensuring social equality in Pakistan. It is hoped that soon, the inherited hate against the transgender community will end as they rise up and earn their dignity back and help Pakistan prosper.

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