Pakistan Film Producers Association Approves of SC’s Ban on Indian Content

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar ordered absolute ban on Indian content on Pakistan television. The orders came in as a consequence of an appeal submitted by the United Producers Association of Pakistan that asked for the air time of foreign content on local television to be reviewed.

While some have voiced their condemnation over the issued orders, others are happy with the ruling. The Pakistan Film Producers Association (PFPA) is an example of such. Members of PFPA value CJ’s ruling on the ban of Indian content on Pakistan television and now look forward to the same fate for Indian films as well.

Previously, the Pakistan Film Producers Association had written a letter to PM Imran Khan demanding to look into the matters and take essential steps. PFPA chairman and film-maker Syed Noor, director Iqbal Kashmiri, chairman of the Film Distributors Association of Pakistan Chaudhry Ejaz Kamran, Mian Amjad Farzand and Zulifqar Mana also held a meeting in Lahore to consider the potential policy of the organization and their demands to the authorities.

Ejaz Kamran said that local film and drama stakeholders have beared financial suffering due to competition in the form of Indian content on local TV. Likewise, our local film industry has seen a catastrophe due to the release of Indian films at our local cinemas. Besides this, our history and traditions have formerly been embattled within Indian content while our youth has also been affected through their films.

He further added that we have a history of struggling with the striking of bans on Indian content. On the other hand, we are hoping to see development now and expect a ban on all Indian content. A petition was submitted at Lahore High Court in this regard, two weeks ago.

The idea of the matter and demands by PFPA explain how Indian filmmakers have been able to make millions in Pakistan because of our relaxed entertainment tax. Local producers demand the best for Pakistan and this is why they call for a complete ban on Indian films and content in the country.


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