Pakistan Changing Alliances

Russia, China and America, three major military and economic powers, battling to gain influence in Asia for decades. For a long time, Pakistan has been major interest for the three countries. Each have tried to a lot to keep improving its relations with the country mainly due to its key geographical location and the only land access to Afghanistan for America.

Pakistan's Changing Alliance

However, in its arrogance, America has lost the trust and friendship which once was a strong bond between Pakistan and America. Once, America was the biggest arms supplier to Pakistan. In Obama’s last year, a bill was passed to increase the price of supplied goods. The prices sky-rocketed, putting the intended eight F-16s out of Pakistan’s reach. Further, ever since Donald Trump came into the office, he began to spread anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan thoughts among Americans, calling Pakistan a terrorist-harboring nation and leading to a huge deterioration in relations with the country. Since 2010, the supply of arms by America has dropped from 1 billion dollars to just 27 million dollars. Pakistani officials have said that, “America is nation which cannot uphold its promises.” And calling it a traitorous nation.

Pakistan Changing Alliance

Now, Pakistan, like other Asian countries who are sick of America’s lying, has turned towards China, the closest ally of Pakistan. For a long time, China has been slowly gaining influence in the continent. With the CPEC agreement, the relations between the two countries increased ten-fold. May countries saw more advantages in dealing with China for military equipment rather than America. Pakistan, being a close ally of China, has begun to deal with China for military technology. With China’s help Pakistan also began to develop the JF-17s which are very close to the F-16s in their performance.

Russia also extended its hand towards Pakistan, providing attack helicopters and the famous T-90 tanks at a surprisingly low cost. These alliances have become concern in Washington and Pakistan seems to be forming an anti-American alliance with these two nations.


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