Pakistan Advised To Decriminalize Consensual Sex

Consensual sex, sex before marriage with consent from both sides. This is one of the most major sins in Islam, the “Gunah e Kabirah”. A few years ago, UN advised Pakistan to decriminalize consensual sex, considering it a basic human right. At that time, it was strongly rejected by Pakistan. However, just recently, Pakistan officially “noted” a recommendation made during the third Universal Periodic Review. Pakistan was advised to repeal the the laws barring adultery and non-marital sex.

Pakistan Advised by UN To Decriminalize Consensual Sex

Noted means that Pakistan will sooner or later pass a decision on whether the country would accept the recommendation or reject it. In Islam, committing adultery is similar to declaring war against Allah. If the Pakistani government is “noting” this recommendation just to please the liberals of the West, then there is going to be huge civil unrest or even a rebellion against the Pakistani government. Despite the fact that many liberals even in Pakistan would prefer this recommendation to be accepted, there are many forces in Pakistan which will hopefully prevent such a breach of the tenets of Islam. A majority of people in Pakistan are quite religious and they will, by any means necessary, stop the politicians from repealing the laws. The members of Islamic departments are shocked that the leaders of Pakistan will even consider such a thing, the chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council Mr. Tahir Ashraf said,

“It is impossible to decriminalize adultery in Pakistan as it is against Islam and the constitution of Pakistan. If the government tries to do so, it would result in a disaster.”

Pakistan Advised To Decriminalize Consensual Sex by un

The religious leaders have stated that it is an effort to defame Pakistan in the eyes of the Muslim Ummah. Note that decriminalizing consensual sex will also legalize prostitution. It can also lead to domestic abuse, increased abortions and destroy the faith of the people. The action of even “noting” such a recommendation was an extremely wrong and unislamic step. Pakistan was built on the foundations of Islam. If we are to exist, we should not forget our ideology. The “modernism” of the West may feel appealing but it takes us back to the era of ignorance from which we were pulled out by our beloved Prophet (PBUH).


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