Paak Paak Pakistan! Man Cleaning Pakistan on Bike Since 1993

This person from Kashmir, Saifullah, is on his bike since 1993, cleaning all the important tourist sites in Pakistan. Its strange how he was never before in the limelight though he has a Facebook page. He started this campaign to start a mission and spread a message to all Pakistanis. He says:

“Pakistan is a beautiful country. I honestly believe that it is the most ideal place in the world for vacationing and site-seeing. However, if we do not clean up after ourselves, soon it will become a garbage dump. Wherever you go, keep a big plastic bag with you in order to prevent yourself from littering on the roads. Let’s all pledge to give our children a clean Pakistan. They deserve to witness the beauty we once basked in.”

In his message to the government he said:

“As of now, I am traveling solo and trying to get my message to as many people as possible. However, if the government could finance me a little, I would be able to travel to smaller colonies and educate more people. I need think-tanks in order to strategize my travels. I believe that the government should take interest in spreading the message of cleanliness through dramas, newspapers, warnings, social media and through print and electronic media. Pakistan is a surreal country but people lack awareness. They need to be educated on the downside of littering and I cannot do this alone.”



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