Overseas Recruitment Agency License in Pakistan

The Emigration Ordinance, 1979 is a law which deals with the registration and licensing of consultants/recruiting agencies of overseas employment in Pakistan. Section 12 of the said ordinance requires that whoever desires to engage, or to assist or to recruit any person for the purpose , or with the intention, of working for hire or engaging in any trade, profession or calling in any country beyond the limits of Pakistan, shall apply for a license to the Federal Government.

Requirement & Procedure to Establish a Consultancy/Recruiting/Manpower Agency in Pakistan

An application for the grant of a license shall be made to the Federal Government through the Director General Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment in triplicate, together with a certificate of character from the District Magistrate or any other person authorized by the Federal Government in this behalf, and non-refundable application fee of Rs. 1000/-. Upon receipt of application, the Director General may require the applicant to change its name suitably in case the license has already been granted bearing the same name or similar name as that of the applicant.

Documents Required to Get a Manpower Supply License in Pakistan

Below is the list of complete documents which have to be submitted along with the application (Form 2) for the grant of license:

  • As described above application fee of Rs. 1000/- should be deposited in the government treasury. This fee should be deposited in the shape of bank challan in the name/behalf of Director General, Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment in Head of Account No. 1253600(Registration & Other Fee (99-A) Application fee for New OEP’s licence under Rule-8 (original and two photocopies duly attested) National Bank of Pakistan F-8 Markaz Branch, Islamabad.
  • If the application is submitted on behalf of a limited company three attested copies of Article and Memorandum of Association or Certificate of Registration from Registrar, Joint Stock Company.
  • If the application is submitted on behalf of a partnership firm three attested copies of Partnership Deed and Certificate of Registration.
  • Application should also accompany with three attested copies of National Identity Card (N.I.C) of Applicant/All Partners/All Directors. These copies should be attested from both sides.
  • Certificate of Character from the District Magistrate or any other person authorized by the Federal Government in this behalf in respect of Applicant/All Partners/All Directors.
  • National Tax Number Certificate (N.T.N) in respect of Applicant/All Partners/All Directors.
  • Applicant/All Partners/All Directors should also submit three duly attested copies of their Bio-Data and their Father’s/Husband’s Bio-Data showing date of birth, place of birth, occupation, educational qualifications, phone number, permanent and present address.
  • Name and address of the applicant/Partner/Managing Director who will sign Foreign Service Agreement and other documents on behalf of the firm. His three specimen signatures duly attested may be also be provided in triplicate.
  • Applicant should also provide (in triplicate) name, address and telephone number of two referenced persons. These references should be some renowned persons and know the applicant for at least five years.
  • Banker’s Certificate in triplicate on their letter Head testifying the financial soundness of the applicant.
  • Five Passport size photographs of the applicant/each director/each partner (duly attested) two on front and three on backside respectively.
  • Undertaking on Stamp Paper value of Rs.20/- duly attested by the Notary Public/Oath Commissioner in triplicate (one in original and two copies thereof duly attested.
  • Bank Accounts Transaction Statement of the account in the name of applicant/each director/each partner for the last three (03) years.
  • Apart from above documents Director General may also require some other documents as he deems fit for granting of license under the ordinance

On being satisfied that the applicant has complied with all the requirements, the Director General shall forward the application along with the relevant documents to the Federal Government for consideration.

The Federal Government may, on being satisfied that the applicant has complied with all the requirements and after such inquiry as it may deem fit, approve the grant of license and direct the applicant to deposit license fee of ten thousand rupees and a security of three hundred thousand rupees for good conduct, in the following manner, namely:

  • A sum one hundred thousand rupees in cash in a branch of a bank nominated by the Federal Government
  • Two hundred thousand rupees in shape of the Defence Saving Certificates pledged in the name of Joint Secretary, Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis.

After depositing of license fee and security, as described above, the Federal Government may grant a non-transferable license to the applicant in the form as set out in Form 1 (annexed herewith). A license so granted shall be valid for three consecutive calendar years and may be further renewed by the Director General Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment.

Renewal of Manpower Supply License in Pakistan

Application to renew a license shall be made to the Director General in Form 3, through the Protector of Emigrants appointed by the Federal Government, at least one month before the expiry of license. The applicant shall pay renewal fee of ten thousand rupees per annum, after a demand notice has been issued by the Director General. In the case of submission of license renewal application after the expiry of the said period, an additional fee of one thousand rupees shall be charged by the applicant.

If at the time of renewal of license the Director General is satisfied that the applicant has been guilty of misconduct or his performance has been unsatisfactory or he has committed breach of the provisions of the Ordinance, he may, by written order, refuse to renew the license after giving the applicant an opportunity of being heard. In the case of rejection of renewal of license by the Director General, applicant may file appeal to the Federal Government.


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