Out Or Not Out? ICC Replied To This Fan

Recently, a video went pretty viral of some kids playing cricket on a Desi pitch with a wicket made up of stones and a ball which is light in weight, in a kachi abadi premises. In this video, as a reaction to Lasith Malinga style (watta) ball, the batsman hits the ball with full impulsive action, pushing the ball forward. Alas the ball came back hitting the wickets with the pressure of air. The boy was declared out by the local umpire and he could not simply believe that.

Out Or Not Out ICC Replied To Fan

It reminded me of the incident that happened with Inzmam Ul Haq while playing against India where he stopped the ball from getting towards wickets while completing a run, and still it was declared out. Another, when again Inzi bhai was playing against England was given out when he didn’t even stop the ball. His reaction and this lad’s reaction are pretty similar.

The kid did not accept the decision and took the matter to ICC by uploading the video to its page, asking the authorities to rule the situation out. ICC being nice enough, looked upon the request and said that he was out under the law 32.1

Law 32.1 says:

32.1. Out Caught
The striker is out Caught if a ball delivered by the bowler, not being a No ball, touches his bat without having previously been in contact with any fielder, and is subsequently held by a fielder as a fair catch

So the part they applied is that the batsman, if strikes the ball will be out, If liable that iwickets got hit or ball is caught. Any way this was a really sweet gesture by ICC and we really appreciate that.

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