Our Twitter Jihadis Take on Meesha Shafi Allegations

How This Scandal Defines Us

Ever since Meesha Shafi has spoken up about harassment at the hands of Ali Zafar, Pakistan’s beloved “rockstar” – hence why most of us refuse to allow fingers pointed at him, the Social Networks used by our “pseudo-intellectual” (Hamza Ali Abbasi, we’re looking at you) have taken to Twitter and Facebook to denounce Meesha Shafi in every way possible and bear witness to Ali Zafar’s pure intent. We do believe that so far nothing has been proved against Ali, but we cannot help but comment on the absurdity of the conversations revolving around the whole thing.

Our Twitter Jihadis Take on Meeshafi Alleg

Our Twitter Jihadis Take on Meeshafi Allegation

Ali Zafar released a statement, claiming he will take the matter to court and the rest of this country’s expert logician’s stand with him. Funny, how no one seems to remember that Meesha hasn’t said a word about taking the accused to court. However, let’s all jump on the bandwagon forcing a victim of harassment to provide concrete evidence, which is not at all humiliating and dehumanizing. Perhaps, what our countrymen should take into consideration is that when women are harassed or assaulted, they rarely have any evidence, because contrary to popular belief, women don’t have cameras on them at all times and nor are there usually any witnesses. This isn’t Big Boss. It isn’t hard to discredit women who speak up about how they’ve been treated by men, regardless of how powerful the woman is. Besides, do we even have any laws regarding harassment in the workplace?

Our Twitter Jihadis Take on Meeshafi Allegatio

Our Twitter Jihadis Take on Meesha shafi

Thanks to the Twitter Jihadi’s, Meesha is about to become the victim of not only the scrutiny of people trying to squeeze as much contempt as possible into 140 characters but Ali’s lawyers. If you think they aren’t about to drag her through the dirt, you need a reality check. From her clothes to her nose-ring, every time she sneezes and the brand of tissues she uses to wipe her nose, her every action will be laid out for the public to criticize. There will always be people who will blame her clothes, her education, and her background, anything they can find to shame her for. Misogyny and hypocrisy run side by side in our veins because we still bestow judgment upon someone’s character after taking in what she wears.

Our Twitter Jihadis Take on Meeshaf

Yes, she. You don’t see men being humiliated for their choice of clothes, or even if they’re freely urinating in public. This is why women don’t report sexual crimes or any other forms of assault; they know the men will be let off because it’s always the woman who tempts the man, and the poor man falls into the trap of such women; uncontrollable lust accompanied by the need to grope a woman, especially because her shoulders were bare, or her veil gleamed in the sun.

Maybe it’s time our society realize the problem lies in the men, not women.

Then again, we still deny the existence of marital rape, because a woman cannot possibly say no to her husband, touba touba.

There’s a lot of bottled up anger, not due to the allegations but how people have reacted to them. God help us all, because, at this point, only divine intervention can save us.

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