Oscar Wilde Will Make You Go Wild By His Wisdom

A brilliant Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, has been guiding us with his wisdom throughout the years with his ingenious sayings. It’s rare for a person to be interested in literature and not come across his brainy quotes. Let’s have a look at some of them and take all that sagacity in. It takes away all that nihilism with that wit and truth.



No matter how many times you hear it, this one never gets old.



There’s a difference between living and merely surviving and most people forget to see that.



It’s the best kind of revenge.



One of the best definitions of simple, pure love out there.



Solitude can be curative and make a person discover themselves more, and create an identity for themselves outside the bounds of a relationship



It all depends on ‘where’ you decide to look no matter the circumstances.



Happiness is less complicated than we tend to make it.

And Lastly,


This is true for all times, but especially true for the social media world of today where it has become all about the price tags (Jessie J already knew it) and ‘quantitative’ value of everything. How many likes how many followers how expensive, are the most important questions today. The real values, however, are fading away somewhere.


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