Old School Music Was So Much Better Than The Rants Of Today’s Songs

Whether it be the melodies of Muhammad Rafi, Lata or Kishor, one thing is for sure, the magic that was there in old school music is somehow lacking in that of today.

The way Nusrat Fateh Ali’s qawalis provoke the strings of your soul or the nostalgia in Jagjit Singhs voice, having a conversation directly with the longing truths of your heart, all of those little miracles, seem to be a thing of the past.

Today’s music might be good in its own way, but once you tune in to practically any song from the golden era, your senses automatically know that this is something truly ecstatic, with melodies that speak to your soul even if you might not be heartbroken or in love, but that yearning, that fervour..

Old School Music Was So Much Better Than The Rants Of Today’s Song

They touch you in way like they know whats lies deep inside your heart, the lyrics are well thought, birth of a true writers inspiration.

The songs of today mostly focus on loud beats, somehow making up for the lack of inspiration, and lyrics are just rants to fill up the music ( I’m talking Yo Yo Honey). Sure it’s good for a party, gym or dancing, but it does nothing to make you feel what music is truly made to make you feel, and that is to feel something ‘more’, just a little bit more than your own being.

Music is one of the only vividly observable miracles of mankind that you get to experience every single day, and we’re thankful that retro and old classical music exists on the face of Earth, so that any of us old souls can tune back in whenever we are tired of hearing ‘auntie police bulwale gi’ or ‘Laung Laachi’s’ (which is literally a song calling the loved one by dry fruit)


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