Officer In Investigation Wing For 11 Years Had To Be Reminded Of Rape Case Guidelines

The increasing rate of sexual assault in Pakistan is the path to doom of social institutions. It is widely discussed if the assaults are linked with websites like Darknet, on whose customer specifically pay and demand to watch such acts live.

In September 4 people were arrested in suspect  to have subjected a 9-year-old boy to ganged rape on gun point and made the pornographic video to threaten the family later for money. Later the evidence of crime was discovered as well, which was unfortunately uploaded already since the family failed to pay the ransom. So far, only in Kasur an estimate of 250 children were molested and blackmailed through these videos.

On Tuesday, Hussain a paraplegic sixty year old man was fined Rs.500,000 and sentenced to six years jail for sexually assaulting a 8-year-old girl. The case was registered two years ago under sections of kidnapping with purpose to hurt or rape the person.

More over, Amir Khattak the English department (main accuser) head and Arshad Saleem the vice-chancellor of Benazir Bhutto university, Nawabshah had to resign on the sexual harassment accusation by a final year student, who registered FIR but the case only progressed with the involvement MPA of PPP.

Surprisingly, the son of Abdul Sattar Edhi ‘Faisal Edhi’ is also accused of sexual harassment. Urooj Zia shared her 10-15 years ago experience. The famous stand up comedian ‘Junaid Akhram who as a side project is constructing an open library was accused of sexual harassment by an anchor person Rabia Anam. She accused him on twitter while announcing that not only one but few more girls are in line to open up about their experience with solid evidence.

These are just some cases. A majority of rape cases are poorly investigated hence consuming enough time to break the victim motivation and there almost always no fruitful result whereas unreported cases of rape is another story. Finally, the political (law) institution has shown concern and Justice Salahuddin Panhwar, Sindh High Court announced the guideline for investigation of a rape case. The revision had to be done on the hearing of bail application of man who abducted and raped a three-year old girl in Korangi earlier this year.

The investigation lacked  the basic criterion and was poorly conducted: the maternal grandmother from whose house the girl was abducted was not interviewed. Moreover,  IO, Sub-Inspector Momin Ali Mirani who is a part of investigation wing since 2007 did not send the samples secured by the medico-legal officer for examination.

The guidelines are nothing new but merely a reminder that these are not constructed only for paper but for practical as well.

  • Coordination between the investigating and prosecuting agencies.
  • Proper training of investigating officers along with measures to protect the victim.
  • SSPs must also ensure to equip the IOs with latest ways of investigation.
  • As the laws require the officers must immediately  reach the incident place after registration of FIR and preserve the crime scene, collect all material things including fingerprints and ensuring the arrest of a suspect as per the law and procedure.
  • Immediate interview of victim under better circumstances and carefully formulated questions includes her medical examination, preservation of clothes etc.

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