Of Honour Killings, Rape, Acid Attacks And What Not! The Truth Is Ugly

Political institution is responsible for the formation of law and order and composes policies for wellbeing and control in the country. Fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement, civil justice, and criminal justice are directly affected by political institution.

The existence of law is not alone enough in the country but the authorities should be influential enough to emphasis it through action. According to World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2016 Pakistan accounted as 8th lawless country. It’s not a surprise because everyone has first or at least second hand account experience regarding inefficiency of law institution. Furthermore there is no say that condition of law and order in urban areas or cities is any better than rural areas. The cases may vary but one way or another devastating for the victim. The most common crimes in urban areas include street crimes, murder, rape, extortion, corruption, theft. In rural areas the gender base violence (mainly women) is at its peak for example rape, forced marriages, acid throwing, honor killing, murder.

Of Honour Killings Rape, Acid Attacks And What Not!

These crimes more or less, are committed throughout the world but in Pakistan there is no follow up to these investigations for example: in case of murder or rape in urban areas many of the suspects are set free due to the lack of advance technology to check and proof evidence and the date are continuously extended resulting into numerous number of pending unsolved cases. In cases of extortion, due to inability of law providing protection victim fears the threat of his and family life and doesn’t register complain or eventually cancels the FIR. The cases of street crime, corruption and theft are often gone unnoticed or unattended by institutions. Two of the new threat among citizens is cyber crime and blasphemy.

Of Honour Killings, Rape, Acid Attacks And What Not

The growing number of violence by public in reaction of blasphemy content and ATM fraud and was seen in 2017 (till now and still increasing). In rural areas much of gender based violence is swept under the rug some of it is as domestic right of male member of the family. Honor killing and murder goes almost unattended, under category of personal Hostility between the two groups.

Of Honour Killings, Rape Acid Attacks And What Not!

Rape and acid throwing are often to avenge the so called rebellion of women either seeking divorce or refusal of proposal or love marriage; in some area women of the accused male’s family are raped in the name of dispute settlement under the of authority of mayor (chaudhary or nazim). In Pakistani society, status prevails when it comes to justice.

On a micro level of analysis, Illiteracy rate, unemployment and bribery has its branches in the root cause of crimes in the country but on macro level of analysis inefficiency of political institution is the root cause. Pakistan as a state is gradually forming new laws and into action to avoid violence at least from general public, since the nation is becoming more aware of it rights.


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