Now You’ll Surely Believe in Ghosts!

If you don’t believe in ghosts, here is a list of top 5 ghosts caught on camera and i bet after watching, you’ll believe in their existence.

  • Ghost Face

In the first video a man was investigating some underground tunnels as people reported paranormal activity. People were avoiding to use these tunnels specially at night as they hear weird noises coming out from these underground tunnels in Europe. In the video the investigator tried to communicate with the ghost and asked, “Are you stuck here?”. There was no response or any noise from the spirit but as soon as the investigator moved his flash light, a ghostly face can easily be seen in the video.

  • House Poltergeist

In the second video a woman was practicing golf inside the the house and a man was also sitting there. As she was standing with the golf stick in her hands, the main door opens up on itself and terrifies both of them. But as soon as man tries to investigate the matter, he goes near the door and ask, “Is there anyone outside?” As soon as he walks back to the woman the chair moves and both of them runs out of the house, screaming.

  • Ghost in School

The third video is a CCTV footage of a school where the school guard reported strange noises coming from inside the school building at night. In the video a heavy metal door is slammed shut, then the whole locker cabinet started shaking as if someone is moving it back and forth. After that a locker opens up on itself and some paper flies from it and lastly the slippery when wet floor sign goes flying as if someone kicks it in anger.

  • Ghost on the Street

In the next video a figure quickly vanishes in the dark as the car approaches it. As the street is not lit, the ghostly figure quickly disappears in the dark.

  • Poltergeist in a Pub

Next is another CCTV footage where a woman is mopping the floor. Suddenly she notice the floor signs trips over on itself and as soon as the other guy tries to investigate, the mop resting against the wall also falls on the ground.


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