NOTA Option Vs Food Discounts.

Work of Satire.

New day, new trend. “show your thumb with voters mark and get discount”, “here is list of food entries that will motivate you to vote”.

Once upon a time, the birds sang in the morning and crows had their time in the noon when long ago was the era Pakistan had an “none of the above” option on the election ballots.Well, not That long ago but  5 years ago.

*bird singing*

The conscious people made appeals for NOTA (none of the above) option to be again included just as back in 2013 (1.1%, six million voted NOTA ) in ballots but later LHC judge claimed that it could not be include as ballots has already been ordered to be printed and it is too late. Too late? Why is NOTA even in category of consideration rather than in law?

The elections turnout in Pakistan is 50% or below each time. Well, we know because “people don’t vote or exercise the right to vote” and that would be the end of discussion. Radios, television an even public figure urged the nation to caste vote at all cost but didn’t tell who to vote *some people doesn’t want to hear PTI so please shush*. The reason numerous people are not motivated to vote is that none of the present political parties stand according the voter’s criteria not at national level but according to area the vote has to caste at. Not all party candidates contest from all areas hence sometimes the already contesting participants are not a choice. The party you wanna vote is contesting from DHA but not gulshan. THIS IS WHY NOTA OPTION IS NECESSARY.

May be the food entries understand this and started campaign to vote and enjoy food. Truly, looking at the contestants food could be the only motivation to vote. So, this election NOTA vs Food discount, food wins as the best motivation to vote.

Marketing has been outdoing itself due to the increasing competition in the market but do we really need food entry discounts or complimentary coffee or something to be motivated towards the betterment of Pakistan or a better polling stations? Is this encouragement of plainly benefitting from the occasion.


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