Nostalgia Is A Bitch!

You are just sitting in the present, and some thing really creepy and beautiful, sad and romantic comes crawling over your mind, body and soul. The bruises from past become alive and sting the same in a different environment. Sometimes you don’t even get what’s going on. Its nostalgia and “nostalgia is a bitch”. You can smell it in some one’s perfume, in the scent of the soap, in the aroma of food, you can feel it, in some dress you wear again, some jewelry, writings from past something really identical to what happened before.

Nostalgia Is A Bitc

Sometimes it is just the environment, the alignment of the ray of sunlight on your face, the way the moon has spread its light in the cold night, the position the rain is pouring leaving the muddy scent, the manner in which the wind blows whistling through your earlobes just the same way it happened before. The same grammatical structures used by people to talk to you, their words, voices, the song sung, the places you visited seem empty when you visit them again.

Nostalgia's A Bitch!

All if it just gets you, takes you back, leaving you soul struck, taken aback, of how ahead you have moved, of how the time flies, of how you can never feel them with their original and genuine happiness again. You are stopped, halted for a moment, time gets paused and resume so fast in that moment, but the trip you take in between is a never-ending journey. Artists say that it’s the most beautiful thing, they say it under their belief that “what’s not bad for your heart is good for your art”. But for common people, this feeling is not always romantic, It’s sad and gloomy.

Nostalgia Is Bitc!

Nostalgia Is Bitch!


When you get back from the heart wrenching tornado of nostalgia, you try to tell that what actually happened, you rant and rant about the endure you passed but its all in vain, because they can never feel the same. So, this way your memory lane takes you to your happy places of past leaving you banged in the present. Nostalgia surely is a bitch!

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