Nora – The Dutch Biker, Gives Five Legit Reasons To Visit Pakistan

The image of Pakistan is painted as a war-torn country housing a lot of terrorists is a thing of the past now that tourists and adventure lovers from all over the world are recommending Pakistan for “Sair Sapatta”. Nora, a Dutch Biker, is one of those examples. She has destined to travel across Europe and Asia, which she calls Euro-Asia, on her bike. Recently, she posted a video encouraging people all over the world to leave their comfort zone and travel Pakistan. In her video she gave five reasons for why to visit Pakistan described below:

1. The Beautiful Mountains

She talks about the mighty mountain ranges of Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush, the proudly erected mountains of K-2 and Nanga Parbat (which she speaks in her own very cute accent). She really loved all the landscapes and rigorously flowing rivers along her way on the road starting from the hills at Islamabad to the highest border point Khunjarab Pass at Gilgit.

2. The delicious food

She loved the curries, the strange mix ups of vegetables and rice and all the variety of spices we have here in Pakistan.

3. The humble people

She describes people in Pakistan as friendly, humble and supportive. She completely denies the rude face of Pakistanis or the conservative approach rumors that have been spread by the news channels across the world. She adored the hospitality of the locals and the way they were accepting and grateful to the tourists.

4. The tourist attractions

She compared our population with the population explosion in India and said that there was no frenzy at the tourist sites which make it a great place to explore and feel each moment of relaxation.

5. Safety

She incredibly explained that how terrorism in Pakistan is over rated, she compared the situation to the US shootings and said the need of time is to use your common sense and just step out. She accepts how safe her experience was as a woman to travel across Pakistan on her bike.

Her visit to Pakistan and posting all the truths about us being positive and our warmth and liberality is a great gesture and a step forward for other people to boot up, get their backpacks and voyage through Pakistan.


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