No time to sleep, Sarmad Khoosat’s Marvelous Performance in colab with Dawn

Actors have always been an admiration for me, they put all of their energy, enthusiasm and soul in portraying the lives of the people they are not. There are a few remarkable examples of the actors who did a splendid job, so much that they were known after these roles, sometimes viewers don’t even remember their real names but the character they portray. They put lives into words and express every emotion with this height, that really leaves a mark. One of these examples is the Khoosat family. Sarmad and his dad Irfan Khoosat along with their regular team have done sensational works of film, drama and theatre which leaves the audience taken aback.

Another example of an empathetic performance by Sarmad Khoosat was scene on Dawn News Facebook last week. He played the life of a prisoner who was soon to be hanged. He played as prisoner Z who is locked up in a small cell with limited life supplies and orange robes. The specialty of this performance was that it was live and there were no cuts or edits. This live performance was projected in the remembrance of late prisoner named Zulfiqar (probably why he was named Z), who was hanged after waiting for an eternity of 17 years in jail. Sarmad came across his story by reading his letters from jail, in which he lamented his grief for the future of his daughters and how his image was going to affect them. Sarmad said that by reading those letters the person did not seem like a guilty man, rather another case of innocent get caught in the middle of a situation.

Sarmad described why he volunteered for this role through his childhood experience of always shunning the concept of punishment. He told his story of being a victim of abused by teacher over an allegation of bullying another kid. The teacher by assuming made him the bad guy and never gave a chance for the truth to get out. Sarmad despite of his claustrophobia, from another childhood experience was brave enough to surrender himself for this role. He has absolutely won our hearts by saying this.

“Playing the role of prisoner on death row is an act of solidarity”


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