No More Sit Tight And Wait Policy, Pakistanis!

We, as a nation, should ask ourselves a question; for how long will we let our political & business elite to become our leaders and rule us? We are on the verge of revolution and if we back down now then we will have no stable environment for us and this will keep on going like a yo yo.

Leaders are supposed to work for the people, with the people and by the people. So far we have seen that our leadership, for many years, has only taken advantage of our innocent nature. Pity us that we see them doing the wrong thing by us yet we always choose them over a change. We need to make a choice, to live in this turmoil where our leaders are not stepping down for our country’s welfare or we can start a revolution and stop them from dictating us.

We need a change in this country and we need to change the way we think. Whether its current Prime Minister who is under investigation for doing wrong or the ones from past, we had chosen them so they could solve our daily issues that are happening around the country and not too many know about it. They had ignored the rights of their own people and they had forgotten that they are nothing more than our servants. Our country will not get to the right track unless we choose a leader who listens to us and who can work for us. The world has been improving itself while we are stuck in this circus where our leader keep on ignoring where he or she, had gone wrong. Though we have chosen them, but things are different now. We were told lies after lies. It is time for us to have a revolution in this country and instead of ignoring these little things, do something about it and choose a leader who would know his place that will always be under us not above us.

For long we had our judges running for their lives with fears from ruling party, this is the first time in the history of Pakistan that Supreme Court of Pakistan has gained confidence that it had lacked for a long time. We need to give our courts the assurance that no matter what, we will stand by them regardless of who is in power because The Law is always equal for anyone and this has been proven for the first time in this great country. Even a leader can be punished for betraying the people and for not doing the job he was elected to perform.

No more sit tight and wait policy, Pakistanis!. We should support and back our Supreme Court and every individual who is trying to bring the justice to the table. I believe this is our first step forward towards success we had been waiting for. We need to stand up against this circus and against those who believe that they may be able to rule us again like they had done in the past. We should not back down from the fear of authorities especially when we are doing the right thing. It may be a little step but always remember that a river is made of small drops of rain and it does not appear in one night.

If it seems like a circus to us, imagine what the world would be thinking about us. We need to keep our image clean by choosing what is right for us as a nation not just for an individual. This decision of JIT now has written a new chapter on our history and something that was never done by anyone before. Whether it is against one party or the other, it should not matter because our leaders are not our kings and we chose them so they can work for us.

In the not very long past, all the party leaders had escaped with the crime but now they will be careful in dealing with the people of this country. We should not ignore it or have pity for those who have been robbing us for long. We should stand together against this corrupt cycle run by politicians and back our courts and back our rights without any fears. I believe for the first time, cries of nation have been heard.

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