No, I Will Not Change My Surname After Marriage

Got married? Now move forward to the most “romantic” act after marriage, changing your surname from your Father to your Husband. This a convention in British culture, adopted by us to adopt the family name of the family you enter. It is the only western convention that was adopted happily by the male dominant culture of subcontinent and immediately was made a taboo. Young girls are always wooed from their very beginning of teenage about how their family name will get changed and how it is a proud and honorary moment in their life.

NoI Will Not Change My Surname After Marriage

We liked this fact so much that we never bothered to check if this thing was correct in the context of shariyah and Islam. So, shout out to all the proud people, this is actually haram! Here is why. Ummahat ul Mumineen the wives of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) are our mothers and no one on this planet and universe can be more modest and honorable, they were called after their fathers not by prophet Muhammad’s surname. The verse that implies this is in Surah Ahzaab:

Call them (adopted sons) by (the names of) their fathers, that is more just with Allaah…

Although this was in the context of the adopted sons but this was to utterly remove the ambiguity of so called relations. But if we see this in explanation it explicitly hints that everybody should be called by his/her father’s name.
In another hadith it is said,

Allaah has cursed the one who claims to belong to someone other than his father.” (Reported by Imaam Ahmad and others).

The point is that the wife has no blood relation with husband and God forbidden if she gets divorced or widowed she is free to marry or have the same relation with any other person. The last name place is only for father because of the blood line and the bloodline can never change.

I have seen in my own family, people getting offended when their wives stand up and say that they don’t want to change their name. In ordinary matters we find it difficult to change name because of the hustle and tedious process it calls for but in the later case it becomes a necessity.
In this life and hereafter we will be called by our father’s names.

On the Day of Resurrection, each betrayer will have a banner raised beside him, and it will be said, this is the betrayer of So and so, the son of So and so. (Bukhaari, Muslim).

Ergo, its haram to change your surname, my fellows who are about to get married, do consider that there is no one greater than ALLAH and no word is prior to what ALLAH says so do consider this and to those who have already changed their name, its never too late.

No I Will Not Change My Surname After Marriage


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