No Freedom Of Hijab In The Respectively Islamic Republic Of Pakistan?

Social media once again took the charge of injustice happening in our workplaces and once again the offender had to kneel down. Creative Chaos, a Karachi based software house was caught being a fraud in being an ‘all-embracing workplace’ as the company’s manager asked the newly hired female employee to remove/stop wearing hijab during the work as it would present a not very preferable image of company and if not so she might as well resign from the position. To the girl’s surprise , he CEO of the company  similarly defended the request.

Moreover, when the girl asked CEO to state the same reason (non acceptance of hijab during work hours) in her termination letter it was denied because then it would “documented” and instead she was asked to submit a resignation letter and warned her refrain herself from filing any legal action against the company.

Chor ki dari main tinka?

The CEO also recommended the female employee to apply for the two Islāmic banks (Al Meezan or Al Barakah) as she would suit the environment there more. The Facebook post went viral and sparked a lot of criticism of company forcing CEO Jawwad Kadir to issue a statement:

“Yesterday, a senior member of our staff asked a colleague to resign on unprofessional and unethical grounds. She was told that her obligations may come in the way of her performance.Not only is this action disgraceful but shows extremely poor moral judgment by her hiring manager. I take full responsibility for this failure and am deeply ashamed that a colleague was put through distress and trauma.”

Apology posted on Facebook by company

In a recent statement issued, the company board claimed that both Manager and CEO is removed from the respective positions (earlier only the manager was suspended) and female employee is asked to withdraw/reconsider her resignation and may continue to work with company ‘creative chaos’.

In an email sent to board members and associates, titled “My apology is not enough”, Kadir said he was resigning as CEO of the software house, a copy of which was provided to by a source.

“I have crossed a line which I deeply regret, I have jeopardized the image of Creative Chaos and tarnished its reputation due to my inability to act in accordance with the ethos of [the company] and moral code of human decency. The buck stops at the CEO.”

Although, the matter is fairly dealt with but that such incident took place in Pakistan is a clear sign of social disorganization rooted through modernization. No, modernization is not spiteful but the fact that we could not adopt norms to cope up with the gradual change has worked as a downfall of morals and society.


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