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Nighat Intasar Bhatti is a member of the Punjab Assembly from the constituency PP-107 (Hafizabad-III) who is currently serving as a member for the Standing Committee on Home Affairs in the Punjab Assembly

Age and Family of Nighat Intasar Bhatti

Mrs Nighat Intisar, who is the wife of Mian Intisar Hussain Bhatti, was born in 1966 at Pindi Bhattian. Her husband served as Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab during 1986- 88, 1988-90  in which he was the Parliamentary Secretary for Revenue, 1990-93 during which he was the Parliamentary Secretary for Irrigation, 1993-96 and 1997-99; and her father-in-law, Mian Jahangir Khan Bhatti was Member of the Punjab Assembly during 1985-86.

Political Career of Nighat Intasar Bhatti

Nighat Intasar Bhatti has her Party Affiliation being with the Imran Khan led opposition party of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. She he has been elected as Member of Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in bye-elections held on May 29, 2014 against the seat vacated by Syed Shoaib Shah Nawaz.

Contacting Nighat Intasar Bhatti


Address: Mian Intisar Hussain Bhatti House, Pindi Bhattian.

Phone: 0547-531385

Office: 0547-531247

Mobile: 0300-4151264


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