New Pakistani YouTube Talk Shows To Look Out For

With more and more people turning to YouTube as an alternative for Television, many channels are experimenting with digital medium. This includes many new talk shows that have come into existence on YouTube. They give a different flavor than the usual morning shows and try to bring forward the candid side of celebrities.

Here are some of the digital talk shows to look out for:

One Take

Hosted by Momin Ali Munshi and currently on its season 2. This show is a light-hearted fun show where the host treats the guests as friends and really makes them feel at home. So we get to see more about the celebrities.

Rewind with Sameena Peerzada

It is Pakistan’s first official digital talk show. The host hopes to show a different side of Pakistani celebrities. Most of the guests end up getting emotional on the show as the aim of the show remains to have a meaningful conversation and relive earlier memories.

Voice Over Man

If you’re looking for something quirky then this is the place to be. This show has that YouTube flavor where you are free to experiment. It does generate quite a few laughs and celebrities seem to be having their best time.

Ahmed Sarym

This is another YouTube channel that hosts a number of Pakistani celebrities, engaging them in casual talk on a sofa.


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