New Computerized Car Registration Smart Card

Vehicle registration branch of Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control department in the Province of Punjab will be issuing a new computerized smart card for car registration which will replace the multi-layered car registration book. It will solve the issue of wear and tear of the paper-based books which are not easy to carry due to their size. As per department, this initiative will start from Lahore in March of 2018 and after that, no books will be issued for car registration. This smart card car registration project was approved by Punjab Government in 2015 and was scheduled to launch in November 2016.

New Computerized Car Registration Smart Card front and Back

The new smart card will have many different security features like Guilloche on both sides, Pigment printing, metallic emblem, variable UV security printing, Secure Near Field Communication (NFC) Chip, MRZ, QR code, Customize holographic security laminate, micro text, kinetic animation/flip image and customized tactile impression. All these security features will have car details and all necessary information about the ownership of the car and details of tax tokens.



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