NCA Student Killed Over Rent Payment Dispute Not Blasphemy

On July 17, 2018, an NCA student Qutub Gul Rind was murdered in cold blood. The accusation against him was that of blasphemy but recent investigations have revealed a whole new story.

Qutub Rind, 32, of Jacobabad, Sindh, was studying at NCA and was living in a rented flat in Rajgarh.

On July 17, landlord of the flat, identified as Ahsan, approached Qutub and demanded next month’s rent of the quarters. Qutub told him that he had already paid the rent and would pay the next month’s rent on the date given in the agreement. The landlord got angry. He called his brother, Waqas Ali, and another accomplice and started beating Qutub with a rod and later pushed him down from the third floor of the house. The victim suffered critical injuries and was taken to the Services Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Sanda police, on the complaint of Qutub’s paternal uncle, Gul Beg Rind, registered a case against three suspects, Ahsan Ali, his brother Waqas Ali and an unidentified person. The family took the body to their native town of Jacobabad. Now a social media campaign has been launched on Facebook and Twitter by the friends and relatives of Qutub, more than two weeks after the alleged crime.

According to them, the suspects had first leveled blasphemy allegation against the victim and later a mob gathered and killed him.

Victim’s uncle Gul Beg Rind said that his nephew was killed by the owner of the flat, his brother and an unidentified accomplice. He said the police had arrested two of the suspects and one of them had started leveling allegations against Qutub, saying they had killed him for committing blasphemy. He said the suspects were leveling false allegations and his nephew was murdered over a dispute on rent payment.

In the FIR, the suspects confessed that Rind was killed for committing ‘blasphemy’. However, the suspects later changed their statements. Rind’s family has denied any such allegations saying that his nephew was murdered over a dispute on the payment of rent. 2 suspects have been arrested till now.


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  1. The killers must be caught , tried and hanged – it is so simple. No concessionswhat so ever – killing is to be hung in oublice.

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