Nazraana: a tribute to armed forces of Pakistan on Defense Day

Our motherland wasn’t handed to us on a plate. Our forefathers had to work for it and sacrifice more than one could even think of. The soldiers fought with all their strength, giving up their lives to keep Pakistan’s flag shining high.

6th September marks Pakistan’s Defense Day, which is an important day in the history of Pakistan. It’s a tribute to the eventful day of 1965, when our brave soldiers make sure that the enemies of the country would never succeed in their malevolent plans. The forces struggled hard, not allowing Pakistan’s arch opponent to enter its borders and keep them at recess successfully.

To honour the memory of 6th September, Pakistan’s Defense Day, the Ismail Industries have teamed up with Shahzad Nawaz to bring Nazraana; a tribute to the armed forces of Pakistan.

It’s sung by Wajji Ali with qawwali done by Fareed Ayaz and recital in Shahzad Nawaz’s voices. It’s a track that will move your soul. Although we just have a teaser for now, but the insight it offers to what the complete homage is going to be about is enough to give you goose bumps.

If you love your country with an enthusiasm, Nazraana will ring with you. The teaser hits you right in the feels making you wait for the entire video song, more than ever!


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