National Anthem Video Before Movies in the Cinemas

We’ve all been inside the IMAX cinemas waiting for our movies to be put on. We see the ultimate HD print with sound that oozes with reality.  You are excitedly willing to give a double the ticket amount for the geometrically designed wicked 3D glasses and popcorns “wo to must hai bhai” you go before the movie starts because “baki trailers b dekh lain gy” but have you ever noticed the National Anthem that plays before that HD movie. It still has the same pixels since the start of 2000. Basically, that video of the national anthem has not been upgraded to this very day!

I think the video was taken from some YouTube source and played as it is. I doubt anyone modified it to fit into the huge cinema screens. Have we imagined what other people would think of us if they knew that we pay this little attention to our national anthem?

It’s sad that every single cinema plays that video and no one ever thought of remaking the national anthem. It’s a shame that everybody is focused on planting the new HD, Blue Ray, sharp image screen which gets the image more and more clean but no one paid attention to this video that’s played before every movie.

If we think it’s not that big a deal to make a new video in this whole new world of You Tube where every body is the owner of lavish big lenses and drones then why not make another patriotic video for everyone?

Perhaps successful vloggers from Pakistan like Mooroo, Irfan Junejo and Zaid Ali T can take on this project voluntarily and create this. Or it could be anyone willing to do it. Lets see who wants to take this suggestion.


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