Nana Patekar Accused Of Sexual Harassment

In a video interview with Zoom the former beauty queen and actress Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment during a dance sequel of film “Horn ok Please” in 2008. She shared in interview that most people in the industry are aware of Nana Patekar’s rude behavior towards women and there are whispers that he has also beaten up women (actresses) on sets; he has harassed them as well. Whereas no publication ever dares to print these incidents even though she talked about the incident a decade ago as well.

The 2008 incident:

About the harassment incident Tanushree Dutta spoke that in 2008 she was to do solo number song. As for the usual behavior of Nana Patekar, he started misbehaving with her on the very first day. On raising the issue with director and producer she was asked to listen to Patekar’s demand; a person who sent goons to intimidate her and family and called mob to break her car. She claims that these videos were uploaded and are available on internet.

She recalled that Nana Patekar would grab her arm and push her in different directions. She further added that he asked the directors to add an intimate scene between Tanushree and Patekar which was not included in the contract signed earlier. The following events were petrifying when there was a political party involved in destruction and police force had to come to rescue her and her parents. This harassment of Dutta’s family and her continued for years.

She also shared how she was disappointed to know that her replacement was Rakhi Samat, who also passed trash comments on Dutta as “aus k shareer main kia gold, diamond lagy hai kia jo koi ausy chu nai sakty” (is her body engraved with gold and diamonds that nobody can touch her)

Watch Tanushree Dutta’s complete interview here.

While the actor Nana Patekar is currently in Jaisalmer for the shoot of upcoming film “house full 4”, he dismissed Dutta’s allegations and reportedly asked what she means by sexual harassment. He mentioned that the entire cast of 200 people were on the set of film and he could have not done anything like that. Nana Patekar stated that he doesn’t care what anybody says and will continue to do so what he has been doing in his life and is in process to send a legal notice in oppose to the allegation, the notice will basically demand an apology for the untrue statements.

The director and choreographers denied that they teamed up with Nana Patekar against her or any political intimidation took place on the set.


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