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Ms Naghma Mushtaq is a famous female politician of Multan district belonging to constituency PP-206 (Multan-XIII). Her current official position is serving as Minister for Zakat & Ushr. She is one of the think tanks who has played a key role in development and prosperity of her region.

Naghma Mushtaq

Education and Family of Mrs. Naghma Mushtaq

Mrs Naghma Mushtaq, who is the wife of Malik Mushtaq Ahmad, was born in 1968. She has planned many new things for improving the level of literacy and education in her area.Ms Naghma Mushtaq’s father was also a famous personality in his general community and is recalled for his hard work in the society.Naghma Mushtaq

Political Career of Mrs. Naghma Mushtaq

Ms Naghma Mushtaq is associated with the party named Pakistan Muslim League lead by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef. She has always been an active member in the party and has always voiced the concerns of his constituency at the party leadership and governmental level.

She served as Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab during 2008-10. She has returned to the Punjab Assembly in general elections 2013 and is serving as Minister for Zakat & Ushr. She also functioned as Parliamentary Secretary for Population Welfare during 2013-16. She is a hardworking fellow whose doors have always been open for questioners.

Naghma Mushtaq

Contacting Naghma Mushtaq

Permanent Address: Basti Mianpur Belay Wala, Tehsil Jalalpur, Pirwala, District Multan.

Mobile Phone: 0300-8463610, 0302-92266363, 0300-6303610


Naghma Mushtaq


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