Nadra Offices in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

NADRA (National Data Registration Authority) is a regulatory, independent and self-governing agency working under the Ministry of Interior under the Government of Pakistan. The organization regulates government databases and statistically manages the registration database of all the citizens of Pakistan. NADRA offices operate in multiple locations in every city of the country. Mirpur is the biggest city of the Mirpur district in Azad Kashmir and is the central hub of business and locomotion of the area. Mirpur underwent a drastic improvement in the transitional phase when the projects related to Mangla Dam were produced. After that a huge portion of population migrated into and out of the city resulting in multiple branches opening in the city to manage not only the registration of the people moving into the city but also managing the registration of the people moving out of the city due to the stated reasons.

Following is an account of the branches that NADRA operates in the city:

26/27, Quaid-e-Azam Cricket Stadium, Mirpur AJK

The branch is operated by numerous cooperative staff that deals with the ever increasing demands due to the increasing population. Multiple database entry staff is available during the working hours and the citizens get latest facilities round the week.

Mian Muhammed Road, Mirpur AJK

This is the main branch of the city and is operated by company trained staff that sustain high quality standards in the branch. The branch has 8 operational staff and manages the day to day operations.

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