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The history of Naats and Naat Khuwani goes as back as the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Himself. Arabs were great poets and they used to recite poetry before the start of every war or any significant event. When people started embracing Islam, a prominent poet named Hassan also converted to the religion and according to history became the first Naat Khuwan who used to recite poetry in the honor of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In the Indian Sub-continent (now divided into Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh), the trend was first introduced by the Persian poets but later it was picked by the Urdu poets in 18th and 19th centuries. Urdu is a language that is devoted to poetry and has now three centuries dedicated to this beautiful form of expression that exists solely for the praise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

As we enter the digital age of 21st century, Android apps have made it easy to access and listen to Naats online. One such prominent app is Naat Sharif, available for free on the Google’s Play Store. The app was first uploaded in 2012 and has since seen many updates, both in functionality and quality and quantity of Naats. It remained top in the category for several years and has features such as playlists and automated queuing that makes it for the listener to access their favorite Naat Khuwan’s Naats.

The app has gathered 7,153 positive reviews so far and has been downloaded by more than half a million users.

You can download the app and also can email the developers if you would like to have further features or any specific Naats.


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