Myths About Shia Muslims We All Believe

As a Sunni Muslim, throughout my childhood, I was told a lot of concepts about Shia Muslims. As I grew up and made my own little social circle, I found out that these were so false and disturbingly hateful. I actually met some really faithful and nice Shia Muslims and listened to some excellent scholars whom teachings never even once, deviated me from Quran and Sunnah. Here are some of the myths about Shia Muslims, that you need to get over right now.

Shia Muslims don’t Pray to God

It is such an offensive thought to say to a believer. It’s a big falsie and we all need to clear our minds up. There are rumors that Shias pray to a rock or they pray to Ahl e Bait. The rock they put their heads on for sajda is from their belief that Karbala’s earth is pure so they bow their heads only on it. They do not pray to it. There are some people who take Ahl e Bait as their waseela for dua but considering them God, is not a part of Shia study.

There were 40 chapters of Holy Quran

Its rumored most, that Shias believe that actually there were 40 chapters of Holy Quran but 10 among them were eaten by a goat and hence The Quran is not complete. It is false.

They don’t pray 5 times a day

Shia Muslims do pray Duhar and Asar together but the concepts like they pray all their prayers at one time and they have more or less number of prayers is false.

They focus too much on Imam Hussain AS

This is actually good and as a Sunni Muslim I feel that the grudges between the two sects have made us move far away from the history of Karbala and affection with Imam Hussain (Astaghfirullah). But the things like they don’t follow Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم) more or neglect the studies of other caliphs is extremely wrong.

All Shias Belong to Iran

This is funny and false. There is a majority of Shias in Iran but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only origin of Shias.

They put zuljinah’s drool in the food they distribute

Okay people, seriously? Gross. In reality, they give the food to be distributed first to Zuljinah (The sacred horse that belonged to Imam Hussain AS) and then distribute the rest of the food.

My grandpa once asked us “What is the thing that travels without medium?”. “Rumor”, was the answer and it’s so right. So, put your fears aside and logic first before saying offensive things about religion because we have already have enough of this.


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