Myths About Menstruation

You cannot have a bath during period

It is often told by grannies and free advice-giving aunties. They state reasons like you will get fat or your uterus will catch infection. During menstruation a woman loses a lot of blood and thus iron, which leads to fatigue. Menstruation is followed by problems like mild depression and cramps and a warm bath can really soothe you by relaxing your muscles.

Wash your self Rigorously

It is a very common myth that leaves us in the guilt of being impure. We are told to wash us rigorously like some cow. We are instructed to rub and scrub wildly so that we become pure. Prophet of ALLAH (صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم‎) said: “A momin never becomes impure”. We just have to remove impurities. Whenever someone say “impurities” it does not mean that your soul is contaminated but only that you’re not ready for Salah.

  • Cut Nails before 40 days

Nails and pubic hair should not be left more than 40 days, it is considered makrooh which means not being liked by the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم‎). But leaving them does not have any effect on your prayer. So, it does not affect your ghusl as well.

Clothes or Accessories Worn During Periods are Impure

Wash everything that you wore? Every hair clip, every shirt, jacket? No! As long as there is no najasah (Bloodstain), everything is pure. Just wash the stains and you are ready to pray in those clothes. If a stain left even after washing, it’s no problem.

Wash Your Sanitary Napkins Before Throwing Them Away

It’s a taboo and the basis of the conservative mindset we have here in the Asian subcontinent. We have no such instructions, plus there is no need of washing something that you are throwing away as utter garbage. There are no sound basis for the stories that are circulated.


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