Mysterious Creatures Never Seen Before Caught On Google Earth

Google Earth is a computer program that renders a 3D portrayal of Earth in view of satellite symbolism. The program maps the Earth by the superimposition of pictures acquired from satellite, elevated photography, and enabling clients to see cities and landscapes from different angles. Some times these satellites catch the images that can’t be seen with a naked eye. Here are some images in which mysterious creatures were caught on satellite images.

  • Japanese Sea Monster

Japanese believe that there’s a monster made up of ice with almost 60-90 feet in length in a shape of human and these monsters have been claimed to sight in different times. Google earth have captured an image of one of these about which people have different stories.

  • 12 Meter Long Monster in Newzealand

Oke Bay is an islandĀ  in Newzealand where google earth have captured an image of an almost 12 meter long monster which can’t be a whale or shark. Scientists are still trying to figure out the mystery behind this monstrous image.

  • Giant Underwater Centipede in Scotland

Google earth captured another image of a giant Centipede like creature in the waters near Scotland. Scientists believe that it is almost 120 Meter long.

  • Giant Squid In Antarctic Ocean

This i mage was taken by the google earth in the icy waters of the Antarctic ocean which appears to be a giant squids fighting off with an Orca as the foamy water around the object can be seen clearly. Many believe that image is a giant Squid thrashing in the icy water.

  • A Giant Nessie in Scotland

Another image of a sea monster caught by Google earth is of a giant Nessie which has a long dinosaur like neck with lumps in their body.

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