Muzammil Soharwardi: شہباز کی قبولیت ہی واحد آپشن ہے

Slowly, but PM Nawaz is getting back to his senses. He has announced that he doesn’t want any sort of confrontation but before that, everyone was thinking why is he doing a political suicide? Undoubtedly, the problems this government is facing are their own created. They’ve mishandled the situation both, legally & politically. As far as PM Nawaz’s resignation is concerned, it’s old story now. The situation has gone worse than that. Now his fate rests with the Supreme Court. Apparently, he’s left with no option.

Read Muzammil Soharwardi’s column, شہباز کی قبولیت ہی واحد آپشن ہے in Urdu: 

Muzammil Soharwardi Urdu Column Shahbaz Ki Qabuliat Hi Wahid Option

This Urdu column by Muzammil Soharwardi was published on 20th July, 2017.

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