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Mr. Muzafar Said is a strong personality who has high qualifications. He belongs to the Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He studied Law as well which has made him a bold decision maker for his Assembly.

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Age and Education of Muzafar Said

Mr. Muzafar Said was born in a respectable and religious family. His father’s name is Gulab Said. He is highly qualified. First, he did B. E. D and then Bachelors in Law. Later he has done his masters in Social Sciences.

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Family and Children of Muzafar

Mr. Muzafar Said is living a great prosperous life with his family. He is a responsible son, Husband and a father who never neglected his responsibilities towards his family.

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Muzafar Said Career in Politics

Mr. Muzafar Said is a proud and bold MPA and a politician among the ranks of right-wing religious party Jamaat e Islami. He is serving for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly tenure span year from the year of 2013 till date. He is been elected to the General Seat. He is working for the constituency of PK-94 Lower Dir-I. He believes in dogmas of fraternity, equality, justice, peace, harmonious society, equality before the law and implementation of the constitution. Currently Mr. Muzafar Said is serving as committee member in public accounts committee, as a committee member in standing committee no 8 on higher education, archives and libraries department, committee member of standing committee no 4 on house and library, committee member of standing committee no 3 on judicial, committee member of standing committee no 2 on law reforms and control on subordinate legislation and a committee member on public accounts committee. He is a nice and a motivating man who is famous in his constituency. He is always up for solving the problems of poor and needy people.

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 Contacting of Muzafar Said

Permanent Contact: Bangai Ziarat Talash, Tehsil Timergara, District Lower Dir.

Cell No: 0345-9530711

Some Pictures of Muzafar Said

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