Mush Returns!

Is The Former Dictator Qualified For Elections?

Musharraf in 2016 left Pakistan to ‘seek medical treatment’ while facing charges of treason and disqualification for life by Peshawar high court 2013 in case related to 2007 illegal POC.

“seek medical Treatment”

Earlier Pervez Musharraf offered Imran Khan to alliance with him and now he has submitted election nomination papers. He was earlier allowed to submit papers by supreme court if he personally appears for june 13 court hearing but due to block on his passport and NIC he can not step in Pakistan but through his lawyer and party(All Pakistan Muslim League) leader, he is to take part in upcoming elections. He aims to contest from National Assembly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district Chitral Na-1 seat.

Mush Returns

The Supreme court has ordered NADRA to unblock his NIC and Passport. Further, the previous order is revised and it is instructed that he must not be arrested on his way to court from airport. Musharraf returns Pakistan would be soon and he intends to hold a rally in chitral as well. A happy ending is not be desired because the chief justice of pakistan has also ordered to form a tribunal within two days for revival of pending treason case again Pervez Musharraf. The acceptance of papers is depended on the outcome of the pending case. 2013, the year Musharraf was disqualified, his papers for seat in Karachi was also reject but APML has won in chitral back in 2013 by majority.


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