Muniba Mazari – The Iron Lady of Pakistan is a True Inspiration

failure can be an option but giving up can not!

I used to listen to many motivational lectures, TED talks and read quite a few self-help books. There came a time when I realized that these lectures are useless, the self-help books are just another sort of business. I stopped watching self-help content and reading as well. I even started to hate the quotations that appeared on my Facebook wall. It seemed as if the whole world has now become a motivational speaker but none of us were actually successful. I was in that phase of life where nothing seems to inspire you and you feel no gratitude.

phase of life where nothing seems to inspire you and you feel no gratitude

But that barrier was broken when, just by chance, I came across the TED Talk by Muniba Mazari also known as the Iron Lady of Pakistan. It has become quite famous now and everyone seems to share it on their social media profiles. I just watched the edited video of 5 minutes. It was so strong that it compelled me to go and watch the whole forty minutes video on YouTube.

When all hope fails, just watch the below videos!!

Muniba Mazari’s TED Talk & Motivational Speeches

Why Am i Alive? Muniba Mazari tells

Muniba’s TEDx Talk in Islamabad

Life Story of Muniba

I think, I have never cried non-stop for forty minutes in my whole life. My bed was filled with tissue papers. I have heard many stories of people from around the world but there was something about Muniba Mazari; may be her face expressions spoke of her experience.

Like many other Pakistani girls, she too got married at a time when she didn’t want. At the age of 18, she fulfilled her fathers’ wish. After two years of marriage, she was in a worst accident. You should listen to the story yourself, in her words. “I was completely devastated’, She said. That spinal injury and the fact that she will never be a mother again broke her. Like many of us, she too became hopeless for a while, but the way she stood up and embraced her imperfections is just beyond words.

I am not here to tell her story, but I am here to appreciate the efforts she had made after the accident. She truly deserves the title ‘The Iron Lady of Pakistan’. Yes, she is in media and runs many campaigns but she doesn’t do it for ratings. She is true to whatever she does. Her kindness reminds me of Sir Edhi (RIP). She knows what she is doing.

If a girl like Muniba Mazari can win the challenges of life then why can’t we win the mere challenges we face every day. “Failure should be an option”, she says, “But giving up should not be an option”.

It’s OK to be scared, It’s OK to cry, but it’s not OK to give up ~ Muniba Mazari

Her words were so strong that it made me see how ungrateful I have been for everything. “Life is a trial, a test, and trials are not supposed to be easy”, She said.

Honestly, no other motivational speech has ever changed me from inside but I have got a feeling that it will change many of us. Hats off! To the Iron Lady of Pakistan.


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