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Mujahid Barelvi is a Pakistani writer. Starting at 2015 he showed up on an every day appear, “Doosra Pehlu”, for CNBC Pakistan. Barelvi is known for his relentless addressing aptitudes and journalistic honesty. He has voyage widely around the world.

Mujahid Barelvi is a veteran columnist from Pakistan. He is known for his scrutinizing aptitudes and journalistic uprightness. He is knowledgeable in both neighborhood and universal legislative issues and has voyage broadly around the world.

Journalism Career of Mujahid Barelvi

Mujahid was the principal Pakistani columnist to enter Kabul in 1979, after the Soviet Invasion. He was secretary of the Karachi Press Club for a long time in 1987. He composed articles for political diaries and daily papers and has wrote six books on Afghanistan and Baluchistan. As a dynamic author and distributer he established different magazines. He established Sonehra Daur Karachi in the 1980’s. Bankari was a month to month magazine that secured financial aspects and governmental issues of Pakistan.

Book on Jalib

In 2011, Mujahid Barelvi composed a book in the memory of his companion and progressive artist Habib Jalib called Jalib distributed by Jumhoori Publications. Barelvi gave experiences into Jalib’s verse, identity, political battle and individual life. He likewise expounded on his fellowship with Habib Jalib, and distributed the greater part of his ballads in the book with their history, what motivated Jalib to compose his lyrics and what his expectations and motivations behind his sonnets were.

Mujahid Barelvi composed a few surveys on Habib Jalib’s Urdu ballads in The Friday Times.

Other Works of Mujahid Barelvi

Mujahid is a faultfinder by all methods with a solid and professional dynamic scientific approach. His real to life and adamant style, keeps his group of onlookers charmed, which is consistently seen in his present, week by week program “Live with Mujahid” for CNBC Pakistan. This show interfaces him with neighborhood watchers as well as gives access to talking visitors, comprehensively.

Mujahid was the primary Pakistani writer to enter Kabul in 1979, after the Soviet Invasion. He was additionally the secretary of the Karachi Press Club for a long time from 1987. He has wrote a few articles for political diaries and daily papers and six books on Afghanistan and Baluchistan.

Contacting Mujahid Barelvi


Some Pictures of Mujahid

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