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Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Gurmani is a renowned political figure. He is a well qualified and able person. He has done a lot of welfare and relief work for the people of his community. He is among the high ranks of his political party.

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Age and Education of Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Gurmani

Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Gurmani was born in Thatha Gurmani Tehsil Kot Adu. He is a Muslim and practices Islamic teachings and traditions. He has acquired basic education.

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Family and Children of Zeeshan Gurmani

Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Gurmani has a happy family life. He is happily married and he is a proud father of well raised and obedient children. His father’s name is Sultan Ahmad Gurmani who is also a respectful person of his community. He has earned success in both personal and professional life.

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Zeeshan Gurmani Career in Politics

Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Gurmani is a member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab. His term spans from the year of 2013 to date. He is among the high ranked politicians. He is a part of the constituency of PP-252 (Muzaffargarh-II). He is associated with the right wing of the mainstream political party known as Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). PML-N is led by the two time elected Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef.

Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Gurmani has been a strong voice for the people of his community. He has been concerned about the issues faced by his community. He has raised these issues at the government doors. He is a promoter of justice, equality, unity, brotherhood, and harmony. Through his hard work, he has risen himself from the grounds of politics.

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Contacting Muhammad Zeeshan Gurmani


Permanent Contact: P.O. Thatha Gurmani Tehsil Kot Adu, District Muzaffargarh

Contact number: 0331-6127777, 0323-6361111


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