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Muhammad Rafique is a famous politician. He is a wise and intelligent person. he works for the welfare of his people and community.

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Age and Education of Muhammad Rafique

Muhammad Rafique was born in Kadyari Faiz Gung Khairpur. He was born on1st May 1960. He is a Muslim and practices Islam. He speaks Sindh and Urdu.

Family and Children

Muhammad Rafique is strong and loving family. He is happily married and he is a proud father of 3 well-raised children. His father is Sobharo Khan Bhabhan. The politician has earned success in both personal and professional life.

 Muhammad Rafique Career in Politics

Dr. Muhammad Rafique is a well known politician who is serving in the Sindh Assembly. His term started in 2013 and is ongoing to date. He is a responsible candidate who has earned a lot of respect from the public. He is a senior politician. He is part of the constituency of PS-31 Khairpur-III. He is also an advocate for the democracy, justice, rights for all, the supremacy of law, citizens’ right and empowerment for all. He has worked for raising the problems regarding his constituency at the government doors. He has also done a lot of relief work for his area. He is associated with the right wing of the mainstream political party known as Pakistan Muslim League (F).

Dr. Muhammad Rafique is also a Member of the Standing Committee on Industries and Commerce. He is also a member of the Standing Committee on Food, Standing Committee Mines and Minerals, a member of the committee on Government Assurances, Standing Committee on Katchi Abadies, Standing Committee on Auqaf, Religious Affairs, Zakat, and Ushr. He has devoted himself towards his work and responsibilities.

Contacting of Muhammad Rafique


Permanent Contact: 14 A Mumtaz Square Chowdhri Khaliq ul Zaman Road Clifton Karachi.

Cell: 0300 8286372

Address in Constituency: Village Kandyari P.O Zafarabad Taluka Faiz Gung District Khairpur.

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