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Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari is a member of the Punjab Assembly from the constituency  who is currently serving as a Parliamentary Secretary of the Standing Committee on Communication & Works in the Punjab Assembly

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Education and Family of Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari

Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari, who is the son of Haji Safdar Ali Ansari, was born on January 26, 1982 in Lahore. He graduated from University of the Punjab, Lahore and is a certificate holder in MS Office from Brain bench in the United States of America.

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Political Career of Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari

Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari is a Businessman with his Party Affiliation being with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). He was Member of Punjab Assembly during 2008-13 and has been elected as Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab for the second consecutive term in general elections 2013 and has been performing the duties of Parliamentary Secretary for Communication & Works. He is also a member of the standing committees on Services & General Administration, Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology and Tourism

Contacting Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari

Email: ,


(a) Mohalla Wali Street, Syed All Ahmad Shah Colony, District Kasur

(b) Madni Chowk, Munir Shaheed Colony, Shahbaz Khan Road, Kasur

Residence: 049-2761883

Office: 049-2761154, 049-2764228

Mobile: 0321-4451313, 0333-1390139


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