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Mr. Muhammad Jawaid is a well-known politician. He has done a lot of welfare work for his community.

Age and Education of Mr. Muhammad Jawaid

Mr. Muhammad Jawaid is a born and raised Muslim and practices the teachings of Islam. He has completed his basic education. He is the son of Muhammad Anwar. His father has always played an important role in his career and growth.

Family and Children of Muhammad Jawaid

Mr. Muhammad Jawaid is living a happy family life. He is not only a great politician but also a great son, husband, and father as well. He belongs to a well nurtured and cultured person.

Muhammad Jawaid Career in Politics

Mr. Muhammad Jawaid is serving in the existing Assembly of Sindh. His tenure started in 2013 and is ongoing to date. He is well known for the relief efforts and welfare work he has done. Through his strong voice, he has been able to raise issues regarding rights of his people at the government doors. He has also done a lot of work to bring developmental progress in his area. He is part of the constituency of PS-10 Karachi-XX.

Mr. Muhammad Jawaid has also started several developmental programs as a part of his constituency. He has gotten a lot of positive reviews and appraisal for his work. Currently, he holds the position of Minister of Katchi Abadies and Spatial Development. He has generated a lot of ideas for the improvement of his legal responsibilities. He comes from a local community but has become a leader. He is associated with the left wing of the mainstream political party known as Pakistan People’s Party. The party is known for promoting the right of minorities and liberal values. The party is led by Mr. Asif Ali Zardari.

Contacting Mr. Muhammad Jawaid

Permanent Contact: Flat No. 604, 6th Floor, Sumaira heights, Shah Wali-u-llah Road, Mohalla Khada, Memon society, Lyari, Karachi


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