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Mr. Muhammad Arif Abbasi is a well-known political person. He is a qualified person. he is in the Provincial Assembly of Punjab. He has served his duties faithfully.

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Age and Education of Mr. Muhammad Arif Abbasi

Mr. Muhammad Arif Abbasi was born in. He was born on12th February 1965. He is a Muslim and practices Islam. He has acquired a Diploma in Associate Engineering.

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Marriage and Children of Muhammad Arif Abbasi

Mr. Muhammad Arif Abbasi has a happy family life. He is happily married and he is a proud father of five well raised and obedient children. His father’s name is Abdul Rahim Abbasi. He has earned success in both personal and professional life.

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Muhammad Arif Abbasi Career in Politics

Mr. Muhammad Arif Abbasi is an able person serving in the 16th Provincial Assembly of Punjab. His term started in 2013 which is ongoing to date. He is part of the constituency of PP-13 (Rawalpindi-XIII). Currently, he is an official chairperson of the Population welfare Zakat and Ushr. He is associated with the right wing of the mainstream political democratic political party known as Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. PTI is led by the famous Mr. Imran Khan.

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Mr. Muhammad Arif Abbasi comes from a strong and well-cultured family. his parents have raised him with morals and values. He has raised concerns about his constituency at the government doors. He has been dedicated to serving the people of his community. He has heard the issues faced by his people. He has generated fresh ideas for the improvement and progression of his community.

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Contacting  Muhammad Arif Abbasi


Permanent Contact: H. No. 510, Street No. 3, Airport Housing Society, Sector No. 1, Rawalpindi

Off: 051-5960817

Fax: 0333-5109807

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