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Mr. Akbar Ayub Khan is a famous politician. He is an active member of the Assembly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. His tenure started in 2014. He has garnered a lot of respect and fame thought his dedication and devotion.

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Birth and Education of Mr.Akbar Ayub Khan

Mr. Akbar Ayub Khan was born in Haripur. He was born on 17 July 1971. He is a Muslim and practices Islam. He has done Matriculation. He has a good family and personal morals which he has bestowed upon his children as well. Professionally he is a politician.

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Marriage and Children

Mr. Akbar Ayub Khan has a happy family life. He is happily married and he is a proud father of well raised 3 children. His father’s is Shoukat Ayub Khan. He has earned success in both personal and professional life.

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Career in politics

Currently, Mr. Akbar Ayub Khan is serving as an active member of Assembly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He took his oath on April 2014. He is very good in dealing with public and providing them support. He has been able to maintain his mark among the people of Khyber Pakhtukhwa. He has worked for the welfare and betterment of his area. Throughout his tenure he has put forth a lot of new developmental ideas for the progress of his area. He is associated with the right wing of the mainstream political party Tehreek e Insaf. The party is lead by the famous Imran khan who is a great sportsman, leader and politician.

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Mr. Akbar Ayub Khan holds the position of advisor of minister in the cabinet. He also serves the communication and works department. He acquired his seat through elections. He is working in the constituency PK-50 Haripur-II.

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Contacting Akbar Ayub Khan


Off: (0995) 616599

Cell: +923315311113

Some Picture of Akbar Ayub Khan

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